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Top Rated Emergency Survival Supplies


Are you prepared?


As disaster preparedness specialists, we have comprised an all-encompassing selection of the world’s most respectable and trustworthy manufacturers of survival gear. Our goal is to offer schools, organizations, businesses and individuals custom survival kits, ensuring safety preparedness for each. We don’t believe there is ever a time when you should be left feeling vulnerable to physical harm or adverse situations. From fires and floods to earthquakes and mudslides, from a terrorist attack to school or workplace violence, it is imperative to supply yourself with comprehensively stocked preparedness kits that address any situation.

With changes in societal and natural climates, we believe it is imperative that every individual should feel compelled to protect themselves at all times and prepare themselves for even the most random event. Driven to offer trustworthy gear that protects both life and limb, we proudly carry the following:

    • Long-term shelf life foods and water
    • First aid kits
    • Hygiene kits
    • Emergency light sources
    • Shelter kits
  • Outdoor survival gear

Our goal is to provide high-quality gear for all types of emergency situations. Never compromising, never settling, our entire team is dedicated to unmitigated safety through disaster preparedness.

With prompt delivery from our fulfillment and shipping facilities, we pride ourselves on outstanding service throughout every step of the way. Discover peace of mind; discover confidence; discover Sunrise Survival Supplies.

Why We Do What We Do:

Testimony by Nyaliz P. who was a graduating senior from a Florida school.

“It was the last week of my senior year and a bunch of us were hanging out in the hallway by the drama room before the first period bell was due to ring. All of a sudden we heard CODE RED! We knew that meant there was an active threat on campus and we had to get to a safe place. The drama teacher pushed us into her classroom and into a closet as small as a bathroom stall. I didn’t actually count but my guess would be there were at least 60 kids in that space; too many to shut the door. We were sweating, terrified, and miserable but there was nothing we could do about it. About 3 or 4 hours went by when the teacher realized the conditions outside in the hall were quieting down so she allowed us to scatter throughout her room because there were kids that felt like they were going to pass out. We still couldn’t leave the classroom and the door stayed barricaded shut. It was lucky for us that the teacher made a habit of keeping snacks and water in her classroom for her students and allowed those inside her classroom to have some. Several students had to use the bathroom but we still couldn’t leave the classroom so the teacher gave us some napkins and hand sanitizer and told us to use the bucket that we found in the closet. Once it was decided that the danger was cleared, we were allowed to leave the room but only when one of our parent’s came to sign us out of school. That was my last day of high school and my last memory of my senior year.”